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Finishing with caravanning…. for what ever reason?

Looking to upgrade….. but unhappy with your main dealer part exchange price?

Want to be a cash buyer when you go to purchase your new caravan?


Then look no further…….. Norfolk Caravans Brokerage Service. We will sell your caravan for you, at the price you want to receive!

Caravan Brokerage

If you are looking to sell your caravan, why not let Norfolk Caravans do it for you? We’ve made it simple!

To start with, contact one of our sales team with the details of your caravan & your expectations from its sale & within no time you will receive an offer of a guaranteed fixed price for the sale of your caravan.

Next step, arrange with us to bring in your caravan (local collections may be possible for a small charge) and one of our sales team will appraise your caravan and confirm in writing any offer we have made. After both parties have signed the brokerage forms for clarification, all available documentation for the caravan, including CRiS document, service sheets, handbooks etc will be collated, so that it can be viewed by prospective purchasers.

Now we will prepare your caravan for sale, display it on our site, advertise it on social media & sell it!

Finally, we fully service your caravan, ready for its new owners & on completion of the sale we pay you the agreed guaranteed fixed amount……. Simple!


Why let Norfolk Caravans sell your caravan?

This is what you get.  

  • A professional appraisal of your caravans condition & worth, backed up by our guaranteed fixed sale price.

  • We valet your caravan inside & out & prepare it for sale.

  • We create a web-page for your caravan, market & advertise it continuously on our website, through social media & other popular caravanning websites.

  • We display your caravan for sale on our prime show site at Taverham Nursery Centre 7 days a week.

  • Buyer / Customer confidence – Your caravan is being sold by a trusted reputable dealer.

  • We can take a part exchange against your caravan & you still get your agreed guaranteed fixed price in full.

  • We field all calls & emails (there are normally lots!), arrange viewings & show potential buyers around your caravan.

  • On the sale of your caravan we fully service it, carry out any running repairs & then provide warranty with your caravan & all at no cost to you.

  • At the point of sale, we take care of all the sales paperwork and provide the caravans new owner with an instructional handover as to its operation & upkeep

  • A greater return for your caravan & a hassle free sales process.

This is what you don’t get!

  • Unrealistic pricing as to your caravans worth.

  • Time wasters making appointments to view, then not turning up.

  • Phone calls and Emails at all hours.

  • Phone canvassers hassling

  • Hagglers

  • Worries as to who is turning up at your house to view your caravan and see where it is kept.

  • Any comeback after the sale, any warranty issues are our concern.

  • Worries as to how you are going to be paid for your caravan.

  • Costly advertising expenses

  • The feeling of being ‘ripped off’.

The simple way to sell your caravan, for the price you want!


Please call or email our sales team to arrange an appointment.

-Norfolk Caravans team