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Phantom Tyre Protector

Protecting your vehicle from punctures and blowout.

The only contact between you and the road are your tyres. Phantom Tyre Protector is designed to protect your vehicle from punctures and worse, a blowout. A blowout is caused by under inflated/overloaded tyres which overheat because there is too little air in the tyre. This increases the friction between the tyre and the road surface, increasing heat and weakening the tyre’s sidewalls and structure to the point where catastrophic failure occurs.

How the Phantom Tyre protector works……..

Phantom Tyre Protector, is a liquid tyre puncture prevention sealant that is injected into the tyres on your vehicle. The sealant remains in place and inactive until the tyre suffers a puncture. When this happens, a small amount of the Phantom Tyre Protector is automatically squeezed out of the puncture hole sealing it immediately. The seal that is formed is permanent, durable and will remain effective for the remainder of the normal life of that tyre. Since only a small amount of the Phantom Tyre Protector is squeezed out of a fresh puncture then there is always sufficient left inside the vehicle’s tyre to remain effective against many more punctures to come! Phantom Tyre Protector is non-hazardous, non-toxic and fully biodegradable. It lasts for the life of the tyre and during this time the solution remains in its gel-like state, continually offering protection against punctures.